Laura Cook is a kindhearted soul, living a life of service.

She is honoured to be living on the Territory of the Syilx Nation after recently moving from the Wit’suwet’en Territories. Her practice in the Northern Regions Of British Columbia was primarily delivering Intuitive Trauma Therapy for isolated First Nations Communities. Way Clinic Collective is her team of healers who are recognized and requested regularly to do “Outreach Support”. Laura Cook’s team continues to service her communities of Haida Gwaii, Tahltan, Wet’suwet’en, Gitsan, Lake Babine Nation, Cheslatta, Carrier Sekani, and more when she is not in the Sylix Territory.

Laura has integrated neurological training with intuitive biofeedback training, reiki, herbalism, Holistic Nutrition shamanic medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Indigenous knowledge handed to her in her extensive work within isolated communities and their healers.
Now trained with many healing tools, she brings this together with the acquired skill of feeling her clients bodies; the pain, dysfunction, and emotions. This is how she finds the correct support or tool in each case she works with. She is recognized as an acquired savant by the neurological specialists that have studied her capabilities.

Once she senses the needs of the system in your body, she works on or off the body with her hands or Sil (Chi Energy).


What a session with Laura Cook looks like:

First Laura will ask you . . .
“What do you want to work on today?”
This is the place we start. Laura can work from the deep intuitive guidance if there is no starting point or health focus. Some clients are non-verbal

Some clients may be self harming or suicidal, Laura will address this as it is usually felt immediately in her session.

We can start with no focus- Or anything: physiological, spirit, or mind issues, personal growth or consciousness expansion. Laura has experience with a huge list of concerns, specializing in Immune issues, Chronic pain, heavy trauma, suicide, anxiety, Cancer, highly sensitive people, even the non- verbal.

With or without a focus, Laura will always find permission and boundaries from your body, and she will talk and help you to understand the process as she works. Feel free to ask questions or for her to stop or slow down if you are uncomfortable with the work. She may have you lay “clothed” on the bed. Don’t worry about removing jewelry. Just be sure you are comfortable.

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