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In sessions focused on self improvement, Laura can define limiting beliefs, that contribute to self sabotaging behaviours. Identifying using the ancient medicines of Chinese five element concordances within meridians is often the start. Laura looks and feels into the dysfunction of the systems – even the most subtle circulation pathology can indicate the roots and details of a pathological belief.

Once we define the roots of the beliefs we begin dismantling them using the tools that feel fit for your body, mind and spirit.

For example – struggling to motivate and maintain physical workout routines. Beliefs can include – “taking care of myself is not important.” “Being a mom means I need to put others first” or if there is a history of sexual abuse we may look into stored threat response – and the body “layering itself with fat” to keep from being abused. “If I am thin men will abuse me” the consciousness work around our pathology is layered and specific to each person.

Smoking or addiction beliefs can be about our “parents smoked, and we love our parents so we have to be like them.” This is similar to Intergenerational beliefs and behaviours “my mom was depressed, so I love her, so I am depressed”

Surfacing the belief roots are a great start, but a deep intensive session works to fast track healing.

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