In Depth Course for Healers

Laura Cook and Tom Smith are putting together an in depth training course for aspiring healers and practitioners that want to refine their craft. It will be a 10 day interactive course that will start from basics of understanding yourself and trusting your intuition, to harnessing said intuition to guide others in their healing journeys.

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What You’ll Learn:

– How to Communicate with the Universe
– How to Communicate with Your Body and then Others
– How to Help People Heal Themselves

– And More!

Laura Cook
Enlightenment Practitioner

Laura has integrated ancient medicines training with intuitive biofeedback training, reiki, herbalism, Holistic Nutrition shamanic medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Indigenous knowledge handed to her in her extensive work within isolated communities and their healers for over a decade.
Now trained with many healing tools, she brings this together with the acquired skill of feeling her clients bodies; the pain, dysfunction, and emotions. She is bringing you a course to teach you how to access this knowledge.

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The about section is just to help Laura understand the audience that wants to join her program. Please add any aboriginal heritage if that applies to you.

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